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Soko Pro-Xylane Facial Cleanser

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Soko Pro-Xylane Facial Cleanser

Soko Pro-Xylane Facial Cleanser gently removes dust , grime, impurities , excess sebum (especially in oily skin)and other pollutants. Using the built-in cleansing property of Pro-xylane it will help get rid of acne blemishes , dark spots and noticeably tighten your complexion.



Water, Boseine,Retinol,Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate,Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol,Vegetable Essential Oil,Mineral Oil Extract, Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, Hyaluronic Acid,Propylparaben, Lauryl Sulphate Sodium, Bis(Hydroxymethyl)Imidazole,Centenella Asiatica Extract