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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is considered to be the most sensitive part of our body. It tends to develop fine lines and wrinkles more easily than the rest of the face. Eye creams act as a miracle to slow the signs of premature aging. The delicate eye area needs appropriate skincare to stay healthy. This article will try to address some of the questions that arise when using or purchasing eye creams. 

How Do You Apply Eye Cream?

To get the most benefits from eye creams these steps need to be followed: 

Choose the best eye cream 
Take a small amount on your finger.
Begin applying from the inner corner and going outward.
Lightly pat the eye cream around the eye.
Wait for 2 to 3 minutes and let the eye cream be completely absorbed
Avoid getting too close to the eye to avoid irritation.

Can You Put Eye Cream On Eyelids?
Putting eye cream on eyelids is not recommended as it can run down  the eyes. It can cause irritation to the eye. However, if the labels say it’s safe to apply on the eyelids then one can apply it. 

Are You Supposed To Rub In An Eye Cream?

Avoid rubbing eye cream. The eye cream should be tapped gently to absorb completely into the skin.
Is Eye Cream applied before moisturizing?

A good skincare routine should be followed to get desired results. However, people find it difficult to use products in the right order. Products that have lighter textures should be applied before those with thicker textures. Eye creams that are light in texture can be applied before the moisturizer or vice versa. Following the right order during the skincare routine helps to deeply hydrate your delicate eye area. 
How Soon Should I Start Using Eye Cream?
It is better to start as early as possible. Applying eye cream is a vital component of your skincare regimen. From rapid wrinkle repair to deeply hydrating your skin. People generally start using this product in their late 30s. Some people prefer to start early in their twenties even before they start seeing wrinkles. There’s no such thing as starting too early!  Effective eye creams must contain several active ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, vitamin E, Niacinamide, and others which help to regain lost elasticity and strength.

Do You Use Eye Cream Every Day?

The eye cream can be applied once or twice a day depending on the product and skin type. Some Dermatologists recommend using eye cream twice a day to achieve optimum results. If you have dry skin, you should apply it at night and in the morning.

Can Eye Cream Fix Dark Circles?

Dark circles are a common concern of almost all age groups. From genetics to natural skin aging,  the causes of dark circles are numerous. The puffy, tired, and dark eyes are not a good look on anyone . The best eye creams can help you to get rid of under-eye bags, fine lines, tired eyes, and by lightning the darker area beneath the eyes.

Is it Better To Use Eye Cream At Night Or During The Day?

An eye cream can be used in the morning as well as in the evening. Skin Experts recommend using it at any part of the day. 

5 Best Selling Eye Creams

Turmeric Eye Cream
Soko Niacinamide Smoothing Eye Cream
Our Niacinamide eye cream is developed by giving due regard to the delicate composition of the eye area. The powerful  main ingredient Niacinamide, works to combat dark circles and puffiness and it also fixes eye bags and tightens the skin in the process. 

Pro-Xylane Moisturizing Eye Cream
Our Pro-Xylane Moisturizing Eye Cream was created with you in mind because we know that nothing beats the attraction of alluring eyes . This  is why an effective eye cream is of immense importance. This eye cream aims to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles and hence makes your eyes look younger. As dryness is a prime factor for premature wrinkles and cracks, this eye cream deeply nourishes the under eyelid skin to make it smooth and more elastic. 
Soko Retinol  Luxury Eye Cream
This eye cream is a true savior for under-nourished eyes. It directly targets the under-eye area to moisturize the surface to give a healthier complexion.The eye cream works to restore the natural color of the eye area to make it look more radiant and less heavy or tired. 

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